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                                                     JUDGES’ COMMENTS ON THE CATEGORY AWARDS
                        GROUP A MARKETING/END-USES
IPE, Industria Gráfica, Spain for Abadia da Cova Blanco 2017
An outstanding label printed in three colours plus hot foil and multi-layer embossing and debossing. This is effectively a two part label which would present challenges when applying to a bottle. Printed on a patterned paper substrate. Received high praise from the design judge.
Multi-Color North America Wine & Spirits, USA for Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc Single Vineyard
This label gives the impression of age and wine from old vines. The balance of the peacock with the nicely gradated background and the excellent gold foil gives the label class. Subtle embossing adds depth to the label.
Multi-Colour Chile for Alto del Carmen Barricas de Selección This award winning label stood out
above the rest of
the entries in
group A. Printed
using flexo and
technology the
fineness of the
detail is
outstanding. The
use of two types
of paper is a
challenge but
adds interest to
the result. The
addition of gold foiling gives a touch of luxury.
ҪÇiftsan Etiket, Turkey for Shadlee Mocktail This colourful
label promises a colourful drink.
The use of a metallised holographic film gives the unicorn a vitality which is enhanced by matt lamination and high gloss screen varnish. The mix of colours supports the cosmopolitan name of the label.
Cabas S.A., Greece for Minoan Gaia-Select Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A great looking label
with a modern yet
classic look. The image
of the goddess stands
out against the plain white background and would stand out on the shelf. Digitally printed on an embossed textured
paper the label carries all the mandatory information without being cluttered.
Doga Etiket, Turkey for Riccolivo
Olive Oil
A dramatic looking label with subtle screen pattern in the black background this contrasts with the bold gold band across the bottom of the label with the
illustration of an olive tree in the centre. The reversed out white type adds yet another contrast level to the end result. The screen varnish adds depth to the larger more prominent lettering.
ҪÇiftsan Etiket, Turkey for Sir Asprins Multi Purpose Stain Remover
An extremely busy colourful, shiny label with a series of mini illustrations identifying the journey of a stain through
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