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                                                                                                    GROUP AND BEST IN SHOW WINNERS
                  The ‘Best in Show’ and the Marketing/ End-use Group Winner is Multi-Color Corporation, Chile for Alto del Carmen Barricas de Selección
The entry stood out from all the high quality entries with its impressive array of finishing technologies
used. The dramatic
image of a bird in full
flight caught the
imagination of the judges
with the design judge
commenting: ”The story
unfolds in three layers of
labels. Craft at its best.” A
clear film was used to create the impression of a bird soaring in space. The two paper sections of the label added further interest with the hot foiling giving that touch of luxury. The clever use of a high gloss varnish to add depth to the body and wings of the bird gave the whole label great visual appeal.
The winner in the “Printing Processes Group” is ҪÇiftsan Etiket, Turkey for Céu Shampoo.
This is an excellent
example of screen printing at its best. The small type was sharp and highly legible and contrasted well with the larger brand logo in black. Printed in 4 colours the raised screen images combined with the braille characters gave the label a very tactile feel. A high degree of skill was used to produce this label.
The winner in the “Non- Adhesive Group” is Forlabels S.A., Greece for ADAMS Ouzo Santorini. Printed digitally this colourful sleeve was designed to allow the customer to easily
carry a small bottle of his favourite drink when travelling. A white flexo primer was used to provide an opaque base for the four colour printing on the back side of the PET film base.
The winner in the “Innovation Group” is Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG. Germany for Smart Blister Pack.
The winner of the ”Digital Printing Group” is Germark S.A., Spain for Un Rêve Doux.
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   The concept behind this entry was to ensure that a patient is keeping to their medication regime. The medication is monitored remotely electronically and informs the clinician, via an electronic circuit, the time at which the medication is removed and is being used as prescribed. The data can be transmitted to a smart phone app using NFC or Bluetooth.
This label is used as a backdrop to display a particular French perfume. The illustration gives the impression of a painting depicting Paris in a past century. The matt varnish and the hot foil gold framing add to the atmosphere.
        The hosts of the awards ceremony - Tony White and Mikaela Harding
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