Page 56 - FINAT Yearbook 2019
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                                                      A SPLASH OF COLOUR GIVES A LIFT TO THE 39TH EDITION OF THE FINAT LABEL COMPETITION
The competition attracted 285 entries from 45 companies representing 26 countries. This year, once again, Turkey led the way with 37 entries. Not far behind was the United Kingdom with 30 entries and Germany with 25. The number of entries in each class was led by Wines (58) with Alcoholic Drinks (33) and Cosmetics (19) not far behind. The entries in the purely digital categories was impressive with 21. It must be noted that many entries in the Marketing Group made use of digital technology either on its own or in combination with other printing processes.
                                                       Noel Mitchell, Tony White, Murat Sipahioglu, Steve Wood, Steven de Cleen

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