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                                                                                                to its elimination by using the product. Digitally printed the red background combined with the metallic base the label attracts the eye on the shelf. The brand is displayed in a prominent position.
Doga Etiket, Turkey for Beko No Frost
A fairly straightforward label illustrating the difference in appearance of fruit when stored in a frost free atmosphere. Printed digitally the fruit looks fresh and appetising.
Skanem Liverpool, United Kingdom for 5 Ltr Castrol EDGE 5W30
The background colour of this label matches the container perfectly. The
dynamic illustration shows the product in a
dramatic form. The litho printed
images are sharp and the use of a varnish gives the label protection in
potentially greasy environments.
Stratus Packaging, France for Yves Rocher Sérum Affinant & Raffermissant
A nice sharp label printed using a combination of screen and flexo printing. The green lettering matches the bottle top perfectly. The varnish over the type is in perfect register.
ҪÇiftsan Etiket, Turkey for Fitfox BCAA 3300
A small but very functional label which acts as a tamper free security device, a product verifier using the OR code and a NFC tag plus several other verification features. A flower pattern is designed to catch the eye in a club atmosphere.
August Faller GmbH & Co. KG., Germany for INFO-SEC
      A bright and busy label printed on a metallic base to enhance the appearance. The use of silk screen varnish highlights the main message. A special security black light ink is used along the bottom of the label to protect against counterfeiting.
Securikett Ulrich & Horn GmbH, Austria for VOID label for bottles including NFC Chip
A two page booklet with the second page easy to open and reseal through static adhesion. Type is easily readable and braille information is provided using screen printing. Simple to look at but a challenge to produce.
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