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                   lamination for gloss effects. With such an array of entries, the jury needed careful deliberation to come to a final decision, but ultimately, they agreed unanimously on this year’s winner, the CleanflakeTM initiative by Avery Dennison.
The jury felt this was a prime example of looking beyond the borders of the industry to address challenges of the customers. The initiative is aimed at ensuring bottle-to-bottle PET recycling at lower temperatures, while also using recycled PET for the liner. What the jury particularly appreciated about the project, was the fact that to ensure the facestock meets local PET recycling demands, tests had been conducted together with different recycling industry associations, resulting in approval by different regional associations and alignment with the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) design guidelines and Petcore recycling protocol requirements.
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With individual members already making inroads, FINAT has likewise taken steps to strengthen the relationship with other partners in the value chain. Following discussions with the glass recyclers association Ferver and EPBP in the past, we have joined Petcore to be closely involved in the development of technical guidelines for PET recycling and the discussions on how to improve the role self-adhesive labels play in this.
Similarly, through CITPA and the European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC), we are involved in discussions with the paper and paper converting industry to help brand owners and packaging designers alike design more recycling-friendly packaging. A clear understanding of the technical recycling possibilities and limitations is key to ensure a workable document that doesn’t negatively impact our industry, but actually promotes best practice.
With the help of CITPA and the EPRC, as well as discussions with the Commission, we are also evaluating how the regulatory developments and
he clear push for sustainability can be channeled to improve conditions for the
Avery Dennison CleanflakeTM entry | Watch on YouTube:
release liner recycling programs. Given the fact that several new pieces of legislation are still to be further developed, now is the time to be at the table and ensure that the legislation works for us, instead of hindering us.
Following a number of presentations on the topic of release liner recycling, as well as articles over the last year and the finalization of the translated recycling videos, we have also reached out to our converter members for their views on release liner recycling through the FINAT RADAR. This input will help us focus our efforts the coming year. Now that more and more major brand owners are committing publicly to ambitious recycling targets for packaging, it is up to us to show them we have the answers!
     Avery Dennison CleanflakeTM entry

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