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The entries that were accepted for judging have been reviewed in two jury-cycles by a diverse and extremely experienced group of industry representatives across Europe.
The first cycle took place during European Label Forum 2019 in Copenhagen. Over a dozen judges reviewed and discussed the merit of these entries, resulting in qualitive recommendations for the entries. For the second judging cycle, these recommendations were anonymized, to avoid peer pressure influence, and added to the judging documents. During the second judging cycle 20 judges from 20 different industry stakeholders across Europe scored these entries individually on four criteria:
• Innovation Factor (35%)
o How does the entry score when it comes to crossing the boundary of known existing solutions?
• • •
Impact Factor (25%)
o How does the entry score when we imagine the impact of the proposed design or solution?
Functional Factor (20%)
o How does the entry score when it comes to meeting all the functional requirements form the briefing?
Feasibility factor (20%)
o Can the entry technically be realized, where the jury encourages design that test the limit of technical execution?
The individual scores of all 20 judges were then combined to obtain the final results of top runner nominees and winners for each category. Several judges mentioned both the level of professionalism and ambition of these young talents. In many cases new technologies were combined with fresh design thinking, to come up with original ideas to meet the briefing of each category. A bright perspective for the industry!
If we want to invite the next generation talents to meet the label industry, we should give them the opportunity to show their vision and voice their ideas of what labels will look like in 2025. On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, FINAT has taken the initiative to lead and coordinate this joint effort for the European label industry. The result has been the young talent competition called #LABELicious, in which industry associations, industry media and industry entrepreneurs and management join forces to create a platform for new ideas from next generation talents across Europe.
The competition format of #LABELicious offered many angles: fresh talent can get an impression of the professional opportunities that the label industry can offer, they can showcase their dream ideas in creativity, technology and sustainability, and, last but not least, the educational field and the label industry can strengthen their working relationships to prepare the next generation for the collective industry challenge to keep adding value to brands and business process innovation.
Students and young professionals (18 – 25 years) have been able to enter the competition in one or more of the three competition categories.
• Smart Labels – to demonstrate how label converting technology adds value to a label through new functionality, production methods or other technical innovation.
• Brand Design – to demonstrate how in 2025 a branded label creates an outstanding experience, competitive advantage and added value for a brand in its own product category
• Sustainability – to demonstrate how future proof label design and production can offer new sustainability advantages
This article shows the finalists in each of the three categories. Winners were announced during a special press conference at Labelexpo on 25 September and subsequently posted at and

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