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                   trends report which leaders could use to further shape their business strategies. In September 2020, the YPN is planning to organize a bootcamp, again full of interactive learning sessions relevant to the label industry and personal development.
‘FINAT people can help us by sending us their young people who are keen on working on trends and on making a difference. And it is also crucial for us to be at the FINAT event because we have to close that gap’ says Matthias Vollherbst, CEO of VollherbstDruck GmbH (DE). FINAT and YPN are aiming to work more closely together in the future by involving the young professionals more in FINAT initiatives and to share more experiences. The whole industry is facing challenges, we are in it together, so this is not a ‘us vs them’ situation.
‘YPN is a perfect way to secure the future of our industry and learn new practices, it is a great way of finding out what is happening in real life’ says Chris Spooner, Business Development Manager of Label Traxx (GB) and one of the young professionals that has been with the group for a couple
of years now. The Young Professionals Network makes it easier to create and maintain a network within the label industry and is a great source of knowledge, both for label- related topics and for personal growth. The great news is that all FINAT company members can depute their young professionals (age limit of 40 years) to the YPN free of charge. Discover the YPN by applying for free membership now via
 Future-proof production
Every production upgrade you make impacts today’s capabilities and tomorrow’s possibilities. Martin Automatic delivers future-proof production – versatile and stable high-performance automatic roll change technology that performs now and far into the future.
The MBS splicer with integrated right angle turnbar occupies only 65in/1.65m in the press line. Don’t wait for a future expansion, use your existing floor space and get non-stop performance now.
High Performance Splicing, Rewinding, and Tension Control Systems

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