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                  countries. The continuous evolution of data technology and social media has helped FINAT to reduce the distance between the organization and its members, who can now enjoy their ‘member journey’ at the click of a virtual button. Managing geographic and cultural diversity and translating new EU legislation into industry tools and standards has put the association in a leading position -- as consortium manager -- on matters like sustainability, recycling and food safety; and also globally in the L9 platform, where the ‘big three’ TLMI (US), JFLP (Japan) and FINAT have now been joined by associations in emerging geographical market giants like China (PEIAC) and India (LMAI).
After the age of (UV) flexo, the breakthrough in digital technology during the past ten years has provided new impetus for the industry’s positioning as decoration and identification solutions provider, and has put the label industry at the forefront of innovation in the packaging industry. FINAT has also engaged itself in facilitating the transition from the baby boomer generation who founded this industry in Europe, and whose successors are facing the new reality of doing business in an integrated business environment.
Our now called Young Professionals Network, founded as the FINAT Young Managers Club on the occasion of the association’s 50th anniversary in 2008, has helped future leaders of the industry to develop their network, as well as their own leadership competences and skills, and at the same time is providing a talent pool for FINAT. Most recently, FINAT has added ‘workforce development’ to its strategy. The recruitment and retention of young talent has become one of the core challenges for this industry, which is now in serious competition with the temptations of new emerging high-tech industries for students and young professionals.
Our European Label Forum (as FINAT’s annual congress has been called since 2015), has been changed from an annual social gathering of business leaders into a business platform that enables owners and business executives to meet, network, get inspired, learn and engage with their peers on topics of strategic business relevance in terms of technology, marketing and management.
Looking back on my own two decades of FINAT engagement, I consider myself privileged to have been given the opportunity to lead this organization into the new millennium. I have thoroughly enjoyed the FINAT journey so far. Being involved in this wonderful organization has taken me around Europe and the world, and has rewarded me with lasting friendships and memories.
FINAT 2003 = FINAT congress 2003 Vienna (from left to right) Jakovina van Haeringen, Jules Lejeune, Manon Kienjet, Taco Zevenbergen
FINAT 50th anniversary congress 2008 Paris (from left to right) Taco Zevenbergen, Jules Lejeune, Jakovina van Haeringen
FINAT ELF2016 Amsterdam (from left to right) Mark Macaré, Elke Verbaarschot, Jakovina van Haeringen, Jules Lejeune
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